Thursday, November 3, 2011

FRIED RABBIT in Chauncey Hill Mall

I remember this restaurant opening in Chauncey Hill Mall and found this information on the internet about its demise!   Beverly Shaw  October 12, 2011

October, 1983
The Indiana Secretary of State's office stepped in to stop what appeared to be a rabbit-ranching scam. The situation surfaced early in the year when Richard Stewart opened the first Hop-Scotch Restaurant, a fast-food eatery specializing in fried rabbit, in West Lafayette's Chauncey Hill Mall. 

Stewart and his wife, Barbara, hoped to sell rabbit ranches under Rex Rabbit Development Company, then buy the rabbits produced, sell pelts to furriers and meat to retailers and restaurants. 

More than 150 ranchers bought two bucks and 20 does for about $6,000 to get started, having been guaranteed a market for rabbits that did not exist. 

The Hop-Scotch closed in October and the Stewarts filed for bankruptcy.