Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weather in and around West Lafayette with Chad Evans


Have you visited Chad Evan's weather blog at TV 18?  


It's a blog that is chock-full of weather essays, facts, maps, and photos about our area's local weather 
for the past 100 + years.

The SEARCH BOX to the right of the screen (look for "Site Tools") is a great way to get started; type in "West Lafayette" and you'll have more weather information and weather lore than you expect. 

Narrowing your topic to a topic like "maples" (to discover blog entries where he discusses maple trees responding to weather in our area) can be a great search tactic with this website.

Many thanks to Chad Evans for agreeing to let us post this link to his Blog.

Monday, April 22, 2013

720 Northwestern Avenue / 2013 Changes

Change is coming to Northwestern Avenue this year with new building projects north and south on this busy West Lafayette thoroughfare.

Essayist Steve Eddy shares his thoughts on the project taking place at 720 Northwestern Avenue - the past and the likely future of this bustling corner of West Lafayette history.

Steve Eddy essay about 720 Northwestern Avenue