Friday, December 26, 2014

NEW CHAUNCEY People, Places, Events and Structures

The New Chauncey neighborhood offers a rich history of people, places, events and structures.

In the Fall of 2014 an English 108 class from Purdue University accepted the challenge of writing research papers about the New Chauncey neighborhood.

We're glad to announce we'll soon post the students' research on this blog to showcase the students' writing talents and research skills and in the hope that readers and future researchers will find humor, interest and questions to pursue among these writings.

Here's a taste of the variety of topics you will be able to peruse.......

Events and Activities: Little Free Libraries, "Meet and Greet", Auto racing on Robinson Street

Houses and Homes: The Glee Club House on Pearl Street, "Kit Homes" from Sears in the Neighborhood, the Mills House on Littleton Street, the "Net Zero" home on Hayes Street

Parks in the Neighborhood: Happy Hollow Park, Lincoln Park and Paula Woods Park

Combined Sewer System: an engineer and a biologist look at how the Neighborhood's water use affects the use and enjoyment of the Wabash River

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