Monday, August 29, 2011

More Food Memories....

What is your signature dish? Write down as much of it as you can.
Scratch-made baked beans. Includes every step from soaking & cooking the dried beans to adding sliced tomatoes & onions to the dish before slow baking for 4 hours.

What is your favorite place to dine in West Lafayette – currently or in the past? Why do you/did you enjoy dining there?
I had lamb chops at Sargent Biltz when my husband & I came here for his pre-hire visit. Great memory, great meal heralded a move & many happy years here in West Lafayette. I prefer more casual dining now & the ethnic restaurants are enjoyable.

What is your favorite food memory from your childhood?
My mom's fried yellow squash. With sliced tomatoes.

What food best describes home for you?

A peach cobbler where I got to pick the peaches & bake the cobbler.

What is your favorite food grown in Indiana and why?
Corn on the cob & fresh tomatoes. & a friend's fresh green peppers. - Ann Hunt, City Councilor

Signature Dish – Brats boiled in beer, onions and butter

Favorite place to dine – too many to find just one

Memory from childhood
– At my grandparents restaurant, we had a special called “Steak Ernie”. No idea why it was called that, but I loved it.

What Food Best Describes Home
for you?– Gyros at Zorba’s on State Street

Indiana food
– Sweet Corn…it does NOT get any better than that - Chandler Poole, Director of Development for the City of West Lafayette

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