Friday, August 26, 2011


What food best describes home for you? I’ve lived in The South and in western Canada, and I’ve always thought that fresh, red Indiana tomatoes and breaded tenderloins were the foods I thought of first whenever I thought of Indiana, and I still enjoy both as being some of the best of what we have. - Joe Payne, West Lafayette Parks and Recreation

What is your signature dish? Recite as much of it as you can! Traminette is Indiana’s signature grape and wine. This white wine is produced by over half of Indiana’s wineries. - Jeanette Merritt, marketing director for Indiana Wine Grape

The food that best describes our home country Argentina for our family is empanadas. The most traditional ones are some sort of beef filled pastry turnover that has ground beef, red and green bell peppers, as much diced onions as beef (the secret to stay juicy!), boiled eggs, olives, green onions and several spices such as cumin. Our friends make fun of me because when I travel to Buenos Aires -usually twice a year- I bring as much as 12 packets of pastry discs, which means a total of 240, enough for a few months. You can make the dough but it's easier to bring it from there. In Empanada stores in BA there are many different kinds, and at home each one has their preference. Malena, our eldest daughter, likes the corn and onion filling, while Agustina -our youngest- prefers spinach and provolone cheese. I favour roquefort and walnuts and my husband Ariel just sticks to beef. Oh! but I forgot the MATE!!! mmm, I guess I should start over, mate can't be left out! - Cecilia Tenorio is a Continuing Lecturer in Spanish and Director of the Community Assistance Program at Purdue University

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